Design studio HOME INTERIORS
Office / 195 m2
Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg is one of the oldest and largest cities in Austria. It is known for being a historical and cultural center, as well as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Herbert von Karajan and Maria von Trapp, the worldwide famous Austrian musicians. Having in mind the owner's passion for Van Gogh's paintings and history of design, Nina and Elena decided to combine the creations of the Dutch artist with the musical legacy of Salzburg, accompanying them with the elements of different eras, to develop this project.
The interior is spacious and airy. It feels very rhythmical and agile, thanks to the abundance of dynamic straight lines on the walls and the floor.
Chairs & coffee table are from KNOLL, Bibliothek & Commode Boca do Lobo
The waiting lobby combines details that speak of different times. The pair of chairs, the glass table and the lamp are very modern, while geometric shapes of the bookshelves send us back to the art of the avant-garde movement of the beginning of the 20th century. The ceiling with large wooden frames in it, presented in both of the rooms, is an authentic historical element of the building. Visually, this space is realized in a mild and relaxing way. The deep blue color of the walls and chairs comes straight from Van Gogh's depiction of a night sky, and the rug on the floor resembles the wheat fields from his paintings. It helps the visitor to calm down and concentrate, while the off-white color of the wall and curtains behind the seats helps to clear the mind and gather one's thoughts.
Console & bench from MIS en DEMEURE, textiles from HOME INTERIORS
What expands the music metaphor even further is the appearance of a massive chandelier and the wall lamps, made of the pipe-like elements with the light bulbs inside. Together with the other furniture, they create a feeling of a huge organ being placed in the room, the white and brown
panels on the drawers posing as keys on its console. The pattern and the color scheme of the walls are perfect for a business environment. Green and blue squares call for action and give the effective pace. Additionally, the light chairs with the metal frame refer to the conventional office design and provide the balance between the comfort
and the concentration – the important ingredients for holding a successful meeting.
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